How it Began:

Back Pain

We know what it's like to hurt.

As I got older, pain became a constant part of my everyday existence.  Injuries from twenty years ago would flair up and hurt worse than when I first received them.  I saw many doctors and and tried many different 'remedies'. Chiropractic care, physical therapy, electrotherapy (tens unit), over the counter pain relief creams, and medicine.

Oh...the medicine. Narcotics, muscle relaxers, x-ray guided injections up and down my spine, and NSAIDs.  Between the prescription and over the counter medicines, my medicine cabinet looked as if I had raided a pharmacy. With each medicine, I had to worry about side effects and quality of life, not to mention the possibility of addiction.

The over the counter options weren't much better.  While I didn't notice any side effects, generally, I only received little to no relief from my chronic pain.  Not to mention, the cost. Soldiering on with my pain had become a way of life.

Fortunately for me, I had married up. My wife being much smarter than me, spent six months researching and developing before she had a ointment for me to try.  To be honest, I was skeptical as I had already tried so many ointments without finding the relief I desperately needed. 

My wife scooped out a little of the ointment and applied it to my back, as she had done before with so many other products.  I got up and went about my day. To my suprise, it worked!  The first time, in about fifteen minutes! I couldn't believe it.  Being a cautious person, I wanted to make sure it wasn't just in my head.

We decided to give away samples to people we knew and some we didn't.  Their feedback was the same as ours. It worked!  We knew we were on to something then and decided to try selling it.  We kept the price down, as we had no middle man to pay.  We had developed it due to our aches and pains... We sell it, because it works!  

We manufacture it in a lab following the GMP guidelines outlined by the FDA.  

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