A Product of Nature...

Perfected by Science.

Utilizing Herbal Ingredients to find a TRUE CALM for your tired and achy body.


My first day trying this (Pain Ointment) - so far - it's quite amazing! I broke my scaphoid in my wrist - had surgery and a bone graft inserted with a screw - it's still not healed (conjoined) - yesterday my wrist was killing me - today I'm trying this - so far it is working great... !!! I will be buying my mother some for her arthritis and other aches and pains.

Tammy Lanum

Husband has chronic back pain and this gives him relief. I have plantar fasciitis and put it on my foot and got relief within a day!

Vicki H.

My mom has struggled with joint pain and arthritis for several years. She has tried many pain ointments and CBD oils without a lot of relief.  I purchased Jamberson's CBD ointment for my mom earlier this year and now it's her go to ointment for pain relief.

Dawn U.